Graduate Student Withdrawal from a Course Request and Authorization Form

Withdrawing from a course may have both academic and financial implications.  A grade of "W" is recorded for each withdrawn course.  That grade will be reflected on your transcript, but not calculated in your grade point average.  Once a withdraw request has been processed for a course, it becomes part of your academic record and it is non-reversible.  If the course withdrawn from is a required course, you will need to retake the course again and pay for it.  If you have concerns about your decision to withdraw from your course, please contact your instructor or advisor prior to submitting this form.  Based on when you  withdraw, you may qualify for a partial credit of tuition.  Please see the course catalog for more information.  The official date of withdrawal is based on the date this form is received by the Professional and Graduate Programs.

To withdraw from a Mount Holyoke College graduate program course, you must:
  • Make an appointment to discuss the request to withdraw with either the Program Director or the Executive Director of the Professional and Graduate Programs
  • International students on F-1 status should set up a meeting with staff at McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives regarding student visa implications
  • Review the course catalog for college refund policies and set up a meeting to discuss financial implications with a representative of Student Financial Services
  • Complete and submit this form
Today's Date
Today's Date
I understand that I am withdrawing from the following course(s) offered through Mount Holyoke College's Professional and Graduate Programs:

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