Graduate Programs Course Extension Request and Authorization Form

Extensions for graduate students at Mount Holyoke College are given only for reasons beyond the student's control.  In all instances, the student must initiate the request for an extension with the instructor, and it must be submitted to the Program Director by 5:00pm on the last day of classes each semester.

Extensions are intended to apply to cases where the student has completed at least three-quarters of the work of the semester.  The instructor has the right to deny an application for an extension.  Students applying for an extension after the deadline, due to an emergency situation during exam week, must submit the request for an extension along with a petition for an exemption to college policy, to the Executive Director of the Professional and Graduate Programs, prior to the submission of a grade.
  • Medical Reasons The student may be required to substantiate with a statement from the director of student health and counseling or a treating physician.
  • Other Crisis For example, the death of a parent.
  • Academic Reasons Factors within the course which have caused an unavoidable delay and would have posed an insurmountable difficulty for a person taking the course regardless of ability or previous preparation.  This category of incomplete is not to be used merely to allow the student time to do a more thorough job.
Please fill out one form for each course that you would like to request an extension in.
Today's Date
Today's Date
Work to be completed:
I understand that all work must be completed no later than the last day of the fifth week after the last final exam for the semester in which the extension is granted and that papers, projects and examinations must be submitted directly to the instructor by that date.  If the work has not been completed by the last day of the fifth week, the instructor shall award a grade based on the work received at that time.

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