Fostering Resilience: Practical Parenting Strategies that Promote Healing

We are excited to offer a training series specifically designed for parents and caregivers of children who have experienced trauma. This 6-week workshop will provide practical tools and in-depth support so caregivers can cultivate resilience and promote healing.
Dates: October 13 - November 19, 2020
Class meets on Tuesdays, Virtual Support Groups meet on Thursdays
Times: 8:00 - 9:00pm ET
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6-Week, In-Depth Training for Caregivers Who Need Practical Parenting Solutions
Module 1: Establishing Safety Through Relationships

Module 2: Setting Routines & Clear Expectations

Module 3: Caregiver Self Awareness

Module 4: Understanding Behavior Through a Trauma Lens

Module 5: Grounding and Resourcing Techniques

Module 6:
Recovery and Repair
Mainstream parenting strategies are based on strong, healthy attachment, with the idea that a rupture in that attachment will force a change in behavior. Foster and adoptive children have already experienced traumatic ruptures to their attachments, and traditional discipline strategies highlight their pain. That is why we need different strategies to help our children heal and grow.
Parenting is more than a full-time job--and now, many caregivers have the added responsibility of facilitating remote learning. Foster and adoptive parents know well that children who have experienced trauma have unique needs and benefit from specialized supports to cultivate resilience.  This is a cohort-based training where you learn alongside caregivers who are parenting children who have experienced trauma and are facing similar challenges.  It often takes time to decide on the right strategies for your children. 

With that in mind, we will teach resilience-building parenting strategies in the Tuesday sessions.  Then, you try them out, explore what works for you and your family, and ask questions. On Thursdays you can participate in Fostering Conversation, our virtual support group, to discuss challenges and successes and consult with experts.  This training was developed specifically to support foster and adoptive caregivers parenting children who have experienced trauma but the tools are broadly applicable!
Sliding scale from: $295 - $350.

Email and ask about our group discounts and sponsorship opportunities.

Meet the Facilitators

Dr. Bass is a researcher and educator, who provides educational and parenting consultation and training for caregivers, teachers, and social workers. She is the Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership at Mount Holyoke College.  Bass spent nearly 10 years in pre-K-12 schools as an early childhood educator, special education teacher and school counselor. She is an experienced foster parent and has adopted 3 children through foster care.
Kelly Thibodeau has 20 years of experience working both in education and mental health. She has taught in a special education high school, worked in the Intensive Care Coordination Program and currently holds the role as Coordinator of Family Driven Practice for Western Massachusetts at the Department of Mental Health. She has facilitated a wide variety of parenting education classes and training series for over 10 years.  Kelly is an experienced foster parent of 13 years.
Eva Reynolds is a foster, adoptive, and biological mother to 6 children. Caring for children has been her lifelong passion, and has taken many forms over the last 20 years. She has held multiple positions as an early childhood educator. Since becoming a foster parent, Eva has been committed to the support and education of foster and adoptive parents. She is a certified MAPP trainer and serves as a member of the Foster Parent Advisory Board in her local office. She has been a foster parent support group facilitator, speaker, and trainer specializing in parenting children who have experienced trauma as well as building and maintaining relationships with children’s biological families.

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